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Rating: Mature
Relationships: Erik Lehnsherr/Charles Xavier

Take five (5) twenty-somethings living in New York City. Pour in a generous amount of relationships, stir vigorously with a spoonful of eccentric quirks, and add one troublesome older brother to garnish. Best served with a side of sexual tension at Hellfire.


The one where Moira is a cop and lives with struggling actress Raven. Azazel and Erik are engineering buddies working at Stark Industries. Erik is married to Magda and Azazel used to date Emma, who runs the New York branch of Frost Enterprises. Things are relatively uncomplicated - until Raven’s older brother Charles comes barreling into their lives with his sort-of-fiancé hot on his trail…


The ‘Friends’ AU where nobody is exactly like the Central Perk gang (except Erik and Charles are definitely Ross and Rachel).

The one where I tried to plot bunny Betty and it didn’t take and I plot bunnied myself and Kage was kind enough to help make it so…

The Professor and the Porn Star


A little mistaken identity fic, based on this post here and ‘cheriked’ for the wonderful Ike who always writes the best stuff! I hope you like it! :D


“I’m telling you, it’s him.”

“It’s not him.”

“It is him. Look! Same skin, same hair, same eyes. That mouth. Who can forget that mouth?”

“Shut up Az! Shut the hell up or he’s going to hear you!”

It’s downright embarrassing, two grown men hiding behind a towering display of diapers and baby wipes as they watch their target disappear down the coffee aisle with his shopping cart. They’ve been following (stalking) the brunet in the blue cardigan and khakis for the last five minutes, trying – and failing - to get a better look at the man’s face.

It was Erik who saw him first, bent over to reach for a jar of spaghetti sauce on the bottom shelf, the stretch of his pants highlighting the most exquisite ass he’d ever seen. Supermarket pick-ups aren’t usually his thing, though Erik is fairly keen to see if he’s finally found a worthwhile exception.

And then the man had straightened and turned his head slightly, revealing a glimpse of his profile; a face more stunning than anything Erik might have conjured up in his own head. He’d been standing there staring, taking in the soft brown curls and the plush red lips, wondering why the man seemed oddly familiar when Azazel froze beside him and blurted out, “Holy shit! That’s Frankie X!”

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"We feel a lot of pressure about looking silly or appearing weak, whatever that means, or being a failure. You have to keep in your head: what’s the worst that can happen?

Cherik and Logan/Charles Prompt: Competition Thank you! <3amaikaminari


Modern AU, ‘This Means War’ style!


Between the running, the stabbing and the punching (not to mention the dodging and firing of more than a few – okay hundreds - of bullets), Erik is certain that he’s heard the man wrong.

“What do you mean his name is Charles?” Erik grunts, shoving the Hydra lackey against the door before kneeing him hard in the solar plexus. “Charles Xavier? Professor of Genetics at Columbia? That Charles Xavier?”

Logan kicks the door open into the next room, slamming himself straight into the guard unlucky enough to be on the other side. “Yeah,” he pants, wiping the sweat from his forehead as he picks himself up off the unmoving body. “What? You know him?”

Erik snarls, biting a curse off the tip of his tongue. He takes a moment to switch his assault rifle to his handgun, before signaling Logan to move. “Sure I know him. I’m dating him. Asshole.”

Whatever he expected Logan’s response to be – surprise, anger, disbelief – it’s not this, a chuckle that slowly morphs into a roar of laughter. He continues laughing when three men burst into the room from the corner closest to their exit, letting Erik pick them off one by one as they crouch behind a rack of servers, the bullets whizzing by their heads.  He’s still laughing when they clear the place and make a mad dash across the rooftop, where the S.H.I.E.L.D. helicopter has just landed for their pick-up.

“Man, I did not expect that,” Logan says, wiping tears – fucking tears – from his eyes as they climb onboard, all but flopping over from exhaustion and pain as the adrenaline starts to subside. “What’re the odds of you and me dating the same guy?”

What are the odds indeed? Erik doesn’t know how Logan would’ve had the opportunity to meet Charles, the two of them spending more time together on missions than they do with their own families. Erik himself only met Charles through his sister Raven, a newly minted agent that’s taken to following him around when not on assignments herself.  

“How many dates have you been on?” he asks, dragging himself into seat across from Logan.

“I don’t know…three?”

Erik smirks. “We’ve been on four dates. And we’ve got another one Saturday night. He’s clearly more serious about me than he is about you.”

Logan quirks an eyebrow at him, pulling out a cigar from somewhere in his body armor (Erik has no idea where – calling their body armor ‘snug’ is an understatement). “Oh yeah? We’ve got a date tomorrow night, bub. And his lips say he’s serious enough ‘bout me.”

“You think he’s going to pick you?” Erik scoffs, grabbing a bottle of water from his kit and taking a long drink, ignoring Logan’s glare. “When he can choose me instead?”

There’s a glint in his partner’s eyes, the only warning he gets that Logan’s about to suggest something very stupid or something very dangerous to their wellbeing. The last time Erik saw that look the two of them barely jumped out of a speedboat in time before it exploded into a raging fireball.

“How about we make it a bet, Lehnsherr?” Logan says, an air of nonchalance that Erik doesn’t buy for a second. “We don’t tell him we know about each other and we let him choose. I don’t interfere with your dates and you don’t interfere with mine. You in?”

Erik snorts, leaning back with his hands behind his head and says, “And what do I get when I win, besides Charles?”

“Anything you want,” Logan answers, taking a puff of his cigar and giving Erik a grin from ear to ear. “And when I win, you gotta do whatever I tell you. Do we have a deal?”

He thinks back to his date with Charles last week; the way he smiled at Erik all through their dinner and listened with enthusiasm to all his fake work stories and gives Logan a sharp grin in return. “Yes. You’ve got yourself a deal.” 


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