Dare Box: "I have to do a twerk.”



Deleted my previous entry and updating with this one: now we have Templar!James/Charles and comic panels~

I was making this for celebrating» Michael Fassbender on Assassin’s creed movie  But it seems this one turned into XMFC/McFassy x Assassin’s Creed crossover & yes: there’s rumor RDJ will join the movie cast as Leonardo Da Vinci:)


Awkward situation


"What we’re about to do is about holding onto this earth, this reality, this continuity. We won’t be reset. We will not be rebooted by anyone, anywhere. In the names of every other earth that’s fallen, here, now…This is where we draw the line and hold the line. This Earth- our home- has a past. It has a future of untold promise and folly ; a future that is ours to write and no one else’s. This is our moment! Let’s make it count!

If you’re not reading Smallville Season 11, you’re missing out on the best DC universe out there and the best Superman comics published by DC now

Smallville: Continuity #4 [download]

screencap memecharles xavier + up close and personal
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